Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweet Friday!

So thankful it's Friday!!  As if this were the longest week ever or was only 4 days!  What am I going to do next week when I have to make it through 5?!?!  In my pitiful defense, I had a wonderful two week (+ a day) Christmas break!!  This was a good week, but I was tired and ready for today.  
Even though I did get a bit of a late start this morning, there were some pretty sweet moments today!  Class went well, we did use the synonym/antonym twins (David and George), and I did add some more words around the classroom and on my list.  At recess, I was able to witness some true sweetness!  As I was looking around the playground I happened to see a little 1st grade girl on the monkey bars.  As I watched, I saw her call to one of my former kids, a 4th grade boy, who in turn called another of my former boys (both of whom had been playing hard).  I was just getting up and heading over there to see if everything was OK, when I saw those two boys thinking and working together (one had the little girl's feet, while the other had climbed up on the platform), and they both managed to sweetly get this little girl safely on the platform before I could even get over there.  I guess she got on the monkey bar and realized it was more than she bargained for and got a little scared.  So how sweet and impressive to see these little boys take time out of their recess to help her out!  I had to sing their praises to their teacher, because I was so proud of them.  
Another literally sweet moment came when one of the parents offered me one of the cupcakes that she had made for one of the high school teachers for his birthday.  How could I say no to that?  It was delicious!
Then the sweetest moment of my day came when I was helping to monitor a high school keyboarding class.  As I sat in the computer lab, one of the Senior guys asked me to come out into the hallway.  I went out and he and the other Senior guy both serenaded me, with a cute little song...just for the heck of it! :-D  Yes, it was a sweet Friday!  Now I get to relax and stay up and blog and blog stalk!!! Yay!  Happy sweet Friday to you!


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