Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Idea...Another Great Giveaway!

I'm telling you, this teacher blogging is really getting my creative juices flowing, trying to think of some different ideas.  This week we will be learning homonyms, I am going to spend some time stalking blogs to see some of your ideas.  The idea that came to my mind to help my students a little is to think of homonyms as echoes.  I'll review what we learn about homonyms by saying certain words, if the students think that word is a homonym, they echo it after me.  Still thinking it all through, but I thought they could start with 10 points a piece, if they echo correctly they get to keep their points, but if they answer incorrectly they lose one point.  When I finish my list of words whoever has the most points left wins and will be the Homonym Whiz.  Also, thinking of making up a worksheet to go along with the idea.  Any other ideas or help, even help making up a worksheet would be greatly appreciated!
Then, Meg from Third Grade in the First State is having a giveaway!!  $25 to spend at TpT!  Go check it out!

Oh yes, and can I just say, I was so super excited to check out my blog yesterday and see that my followers increased by 50%!!  I went from 2 to 4!  I know, how pitiful am I??!?  Haha, hey...I just like to make new friends!  So, I know I don't have much going on here right now, but I would love to meet new teachers to share ideas with!  Thank you to my followers, I will try not to disappoint you!



Now you're up to 5 followers!! =) Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! I love subscribing to third grade blogs, you can learn and find SO much!

Third Grade in the First State


Yay!!! Thank you, Meg!! It's fun to see my little number increase! But super excited to check your blog out more and others to get some great new ideas! I have already gained so much!! :)

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