Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No School!

Yes, there was school today...just not for me.  Not for a good reason either.  I woke up two o'clock this morning with severe lower back pain.  Nothing I did helped...not sitting...or standing...or walking...or laying a different way...nothing.  As I was brushing my teeth, I felt sick to my stomach and broke out in a cold sweat.  So....I took that as my cue, that whether I wanted to or not, I really needed to stay home, and make a doctor's appointment.  That's just what I did!  My appointment was not until 3, so I figured what a great day to blog stalk and get and come up with new ideas!  Well, the pain was pretty bad, so I didn't get as much stalking or anything else done as I would have liked.    Even tonight I didn't, because the medicine the doctor gave me made me drowsy.  The doctor said it seemed like a badly pulled muscle.  She gave me a couple of different prescriptions.  They seem to be helping some, but still have lots of pain.  I'm not sure about school tomorrow, I will have to see how I feel.  The meds make me a bit dizzy too.  So we'll see.  But if I do stay home, maybe I will have better opportunities to stalk and create and find great ideas!  We'll see...



Aww, get better quick!

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Thank you so much!! I do feel a bit better, but am feeling pretty drowsy and a little dizzy. Didn't want to try driving like that. :) So, I'll probably be stalking your blog along with others today, as long as I can keep my eyes open. :)


Hi Stacey,

Thanks so much for the stop over to my blog and for answering one of my questions! I really appreciate all the advice and support that you gave me. Starting out as a new teacher and having no idea what I am doing is a very scary task. It is ALWAYS nice to have others who are willing to share their opinion, advice, and encouragement. I will definitly have to look into creating a theme. I actually have started thinking about using the background on my blog as a theme for my classroom because I love the colors and the patterns and I am betting my third graders would too! Anyway, thanks again and dont be afraid to write all you want! I loved reading what you had to say! Take care!



Hi Tomi,

I'm glad I didn't bore you to death, lol. I remember what it was like just starting out. It is scary, but help and ideas from others is such a huge help. You are smart to start blogging now to get some great ideas and share your journey. I love your background on your blog, that would look awesome in a classroom! Oh third graders would definitely love it! I look forward to reading more of what you are going to do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I don't consider myself super creative, but have some things that I have learned through the years. Take care and have fun!

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