Thursday, January 26, 2012

Multiplication Times...hee hee

Denise from Yearn to Learn just clued me in to a Multiplication Linky  Party by Adrienne over at Wiggins World.  She is looking for some good Multiplication ideas, head on over to her blog to help out, I'm sure she would appreciate it.  I figured I would write a post to share some of the ideas we do in our class.  We have a great time learning our multiplication tables.  They have already learned some of the tables in second grade, but when I introduce it to them, I use candy (usually Starburst) in baggies.  The candy gets their attention!  I put 2 or 3 starburst in each baggie.  I write out the number of baggies on the board, then write out the number of candies in each bag with it and show them that multiplication is just a faster way of adding.  Of course if they do well listening and learning their multiplication, they can have a piece of candy.  I also use an egg carton to show six rows of two equals 12.  Candy or other objects can be used to put in each cup to make other multiplication problems.  Sometimes I will have a few students come up to the front to stand in front of their friends, each student has two eyes, how many eyes total.
Then comes the really fun part, we have charts for each table and review each table several times.  We say them doing head, shoulders, knees, and toes.  One problem as they point to head, next problem as they point to shoulders, etc.  We also "ping pong" our tables.  Split the class into two groups (boys, girls, rows), first group says first problem, second group second problem, and so on until table is done.  If either side takes too long or makes a mistake the other side wins.  My kids often like to stand next to their desks and pretend they are hitting a ping pong ball to the other group.  Sometimes the girls will say the problem and the boys say equals and the answer, and vice versa.  Another fun review that my students like is having the first person in each row say the first problem, then they walk quickly to the back of the row, and the second person in each row comes to the front to say the second problem, then they go back while the third person in each row comes up, that continues until the table is finished.  That one is always helpful to hear smaller groups say the problems to make sure they are all getting it.  Other times I have each row or group stand and say the problem, then sit back down, while the next row or group stands to say the next problem.  One other thing  that  I actually just thought of would be to put the answers to a table around the room, call out the problem, say equals and have a couple of students see who can find the correct answer around the classroom first.  Keeping them moving in a fun controlled way helps them to learn many times without even realizing it.  My students really enjoy these.  We also of course do flash cards.  Around the World of course is fun, but I also play Four Corners, four students pick a corner and whoever answers correctly gets to move to the next corner, whoever gets back to their corner first is the winner.  Another challenge that I enjoy doing with them is having them add the answers to two flashcards together, really makes them think.
I also found that has great math games for kids, and they can be customized to where the kids are in their math skills.  I also love pages that have 100 problems on them, have the students work on them several times.  They have 5 min. to finish, then see if they can lower their time.  I remember doing that when I was first learning my facts and it helped me so much.
There is so much fun to be had!



Thank you so much for linking up! I got so many great ideas and I cant wait to try them out!


You are very welcome!! Hope you can use some of the ideas! That's a great linky party idea! Looking forward to seeing other ideas and hearing what you do and how it all works out! :) Thanks for your comment and for becoming a follower! I'm at 10 now thanks to you! :) Yay!

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