Friday, January 20, 2012

Franky Friday

Fridays are always great days, aren't they?!?  Today we had fun in third grade!  It was Franky Friday.  Because of all of the amazing blogs I have been stalking, my mind has been thinking more creatively!  So, today, the students student...yes, the one student that I had today made their her own Franky the Friendly Letter person.  She named hers Frankenstina.

The finished Frankenstina Friendly letter girl :-)
A fun way to review our friendly letters.  It was fun as a teacher to watch her enjoy it so much and to see her use what she had learned.  She even chose to try to make a mini, mini one with her notebook paper.  
It also happened to be Fun Friday, where one of the parents came in and taught her how to make a 3D snow flake, while showing pictures of and telling fun facts about snow crystals.  Quite a creative, fun-filled, learning day!  Is there anything better?  Well, knowing that I am finally going to be getting some decent snow tomorrow...that comes close! :-)  

OK, I already posted about Frankenstina, but I finally got my other student back the other day and he made his friendly letter person.  His is named Friendly Frank, the Friendly letter guy.  Here are the pictures of Friendly Frank.

 Labeling the parts of his friendly letter guy, Heading (where three important things are stored, the street address; city, state, ZIP; and today's date), Greeting (by the mouth because that's where we greet the person to whom we are writing, with a comma after), Body (the meat of the letter), Closing (on the left side, with a comma after), and Signature (name written neatly).
The finished product...a letter to his mom. :-)  Fun review!  We reviewed again today, where I even incorporated the song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature, Body, Closing, Signature...these are the parts of a Friendly Letter, Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature, Body, Closing, Signature.  The students said, I looked funny doing it (with some motions)...that's all part of the job of an Elementary teacher isn't it...looking a little funny every once in a while?!  But don't you know as they were working on their review page trying to remember the parts, they were singing the song, hahaha!  Love that!


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