Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Amazon Giveaway Time!!

I think everyone is finally enjoying summer vacation now!  Ah summer...lots of open days to make great memories and enjoy some sun, some fun, and lots of family time hopefully.  As my last post said, things have been pretty busy here with mom, trying to take care of her and her needs.  We have had lots of great help the past week, and she has been OK with it all, which is a wonderful blessing!  I will be getting a lot of help, which I am thrilled about.  Mom has even seemed a little better the past couple of days.  I am also trying something new that I read about to help her with her health...coconut oil!  I just bought it yesterday, I have used it as a spread for our toast, and I cooked with it this morning.  I even used it on both of us as a moisturizer for our skin, it's pretty amazing stuff that you can do so much with.  I may not get to some tropical getaway or vacation this summer, but let me tell you, the smell of coconut oil permeating the house sure feels like it!  So, I'm planning to enjoy time with mom, and make memories with her, enjoy our Bella, and enjoy the smell of coconut oil and hope to keep mom healthy and well!  With all of this excitement at home, and excitement of reaching 100 followers, it is definitely time for a giveaway!!  I'm so excited to give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!!  I hope you'll take part in the giveaway!  I am trying Rafflecopter for the first time, hopefully it's as easy to use as it seems!  It starts today and will end July 3, so you'll have something to look forward to for the 4th! There are three ways to enter, follow my blog and leave a comment that you do, share your summer fun...your plans for a wonderful, memorable summer, and blog about the giveaway. Enjoy! a Rafflecopter giveaway Hope you all have a wonderful summer and make wonderful memories!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Times

I totally thought that with summer being here I would be back to my normal blog stalking, joining linky parties, participating in giveaways, attempting to make school related and fun pinterest ideas, while spending lots of time reading and relaxing.  Well, things don't always go as expected.  The day school got out, May 31, mom started showing some more struggles with her health.  She is requiring more assistance from me.  So, I haven't been able to get on here much or do some of the other things either lately, which makes me sad!  I really enjoy reading your blogs and I want to get to know everyone better.  But some things can't be helped.  My aunt came to visit last week, which meant that I had to do the entertaining since mom really can't anymore.  Then mom was in the hospital for a few days, so my aunt and I were there all day with her, except for the little getaways I would take to take the dog out or head to church on Sunday.  She was OK, by the way, all the tests came back negative.  I think she gets a little dehydrated and weak.  I have seen it before, but my aunt hasn't and she was worried, so we decided to do the hospital to just check to make sure all was OK.  It was a busy week, and now we have visiting nurses and physical therapists and social workers coming.  It has been a bit crazy!  Very thankful for all the help, though!
But today was such a neat day, because early this morning I got a message on Facebook from a friend telling me she was thinking of me and praying for me today.  Then another friend sent me a text message later that morning telling me she thought of me and prayed for me this morning, then one of my former kids who just finished her Junior year of college texted me to let me know she was thinking of me today!  Wow, could I feel more blessed?!  Mom was a little worse today than she had been the past couple of days and struggled more with getting around and taking care of herself properly, so it was a busy day for me.  But what a blessing to remember people had been thinking and praying for me helped so much!  Today was also super hot here.  It was in the upper 90's, but felt like it was in the 100's!!  I don't do well with heat! :)  There was a heat advisory, the weather man said it felt like 102 outside, and boy did I feel that when I took Bella out!  We didn't stay out for long today.  I finally was able to get on the computer, and I finally got over here to my blog to see what...if anything was going on.  Well, I was blessed again to see that I now have 100 followers!!     It had been in the 90's for a while, so that was super encouraging, even though I have been MIA for a while. So, on this super hot first day of summer, with random people sending me sweet thoughts, and mom struggling, and the excitement of 100 followers, I think it's time for a giveaway!!!! :)  I was thinking earlier that maybe I would do an Amazon gift certificate.  Do you think that will interest people?  I hope so!  Not sure when I will get it all together, if I get the chance it will be this stay tuned!  And thank you to those who have stayed with me, and for my new friends.  Sorry this blog has been a bust so far this summer, but hope to do better when things are more settled with mom.  Happy Summer!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I Love the 80's!!

I happened upon an amazing giveaway, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.  Jenny from Owl Things First and Dana from Fun in 1st Grade are having a Totally Awesome 80's Giveaway!

They are giving away like, a totally awesome 80's Glam Pack of Sharpies with fun color names, AND and $8 Gift Certificate to Starbucks!!  How totally tubular!  This was too much fun not to join in!  I love the 80's and this just brought back so many memories, with the pictures and ideas of some 80's fun!  They asked for comments on everyone's favorite things from the 80's.  That got me to thinking of all of the totally rad things I loved!

Even though I had to wait for mine because they were all sold out for Christmas.  But my birthday is the beginning of February so I didn't have to wait too long for my Sabrina Joy. :)

Loved this movie so much!!
Yes, that is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game in my hand, I still have it. :)
Just a few examples, I couldn't resist!  What are some of your favorite things from the 80's?  Please leave a comment here to share so I can have fun and reminisce some more!  Then head on over to both Owl Things First and Fun in 1st Grade to join in the giveaway.  You still have a couple of days left.  Don't miss out on the fun!  And again, please leave a comment for me to enjoy your 80's memories! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Obsess Much?

Why, yes....yes I do!  I obsess over many things, but I'll just share a few.  I just had to join up with Bonnie at Living a Wonderful Life for her fun linky party!!

So yes, I have obsessions...many!
1.  I am obsessed with accessories!!  I love scarves and hats and headbands and of!!  I love all kinds of jewelry, but especially RINGS!!

I took this picture in January for a previous post, so obviously by now there are several more that have been added to my "collection"!
2.  I love, love, love shoes!!  Definitely an obsession, I have a "few" pairs, not sure how many.  Sadly, I don't have these, but have obsessed over them since the first time I saw them and tried them on in Payless.  I should have gotten them then, but I couldn't think of a good good enough reason to get them.  Sigh, so I'll just enjoy looking at them!
3.  I love reality TV, but not necessarily all the popular ones.  I love shows like Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, The Singoff, The Voice, Undercover Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, and many more like this.
4.  I have recently become obsessed with all things Sea Salt and Caramel!!  This is a bad one, because there are drinks, dark and milk chocolate, and even gelato! Oh My!
5.  I am obsessed with my little not so little pup, Bella!

I love to find cute clothes for her, too!

6.  I'm obsessed with bling and glitter.  My kids always find blinged out things for me each year.  This year one of my former kids found a purple (my other obsession...LOVE purple!!) pair of blinged out scissors!  Loved them!
7.  Last, but definitely not least, and definitely not really all (but I'm sparing you:)...I love pinterest!  I have spent many wonderful hours on there!  I have tried some yummy recipes and great craft ideas and can't wait to try more!
Well, now on to my new obsession since school is out....sleeping, so I can wake up later tomorrow and enjoy my other stalking!
Thanks, Bonnie for a fun linky party!