Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homonym Echoes Worked Well.....well...

When the students came in the other day I started speaking in echoes.  It definitely piqued their interest.  They looked on the board and noticed the information about homonyms,and Hairy Harry, and I could see their little brains working to see if they could make a connection.
 That is always fun to see!  They started speaking in echoes as well.  We discussed what homonyms were and played the +10 game.  They each started out with 10 points, I would say a word, if it was a homonym the students would have to repeat it.  If they didn't when they should have or did when they shouldn't have, they lose a point. Whoever ended up with the most points at the end was the winner. The winner was able to keep Hairy Harry's cousin, Herman at his/her desk.
My little girl was the first to get him and she really enjoyed his visit. :-)
Then I had a worksheet that I made up for them to review with. I revamped it a couple of times since I gave it to the students, so now I have a new sheet for them to work on. It's not as great as some of the other wonderful worksheets I have seen on other blogs, but I was inspired by you and excited about doing it! I finally finished it today as I was sitting at home trying to rest my back. It's getting better, slowly.
I also have no idea how to really put it on here, but looked at some other blogs for an idea. So, we'll see if this works.
Homonym Echoes Knight Story
Thanks to you all for your wonderful inspiration!



Thank you so much for the great Spirit Week ideas! I'm your newest fan!!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and becoming a follower!! Yay! :) You are quite welcome for the Spirit Week ideas, if I can think of some of the other ones, I will let you know. :) Thanks again for stopping by!


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Yay, yay, YAY!!!! I can't believe it!! Such a great giveaway and now I get to do one of my favorite!! :) Thanks so much, Meg!

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