Monday, March 12, 2012

12 on the 12th!

When I saw this linky party over at Doodle Bugs Teaching, I just had to get in on it!  I am a photography lover!  I love taking pictures and I love looking at pictures, so this was the perfect linky party for me.  12 pictures of my day.  Although I had good intentions of taking pictures all day, I kept forgetting!
So, I missed my crazy morning, which started off subbing in the 1st and 2nd grade classroom for a few minutes while the teacher took her son home because he was feeling sick.  Then I had my students for about a half hour, when the 4th grade teacher asked me to come sub for her.  So, I think I was a little distracted, but then I got it together. :)  So here are my 12 on the 12th!
Some of the 4th grade classroom where I was subbing today.
My btf (best teacher friend), the 1st and 2nd grade teacher and myself, enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather at recess! 70 degrees....on March New England!
The kids enjoying the beautiful weather on the playground!
Some of the amazing High School artwork on display in the hallway!  These pieces were brought up to a regional competition in New Hampshire.
I gave a flute lesson after school with one of the 4th graders.  She did a great job, she learned triplets and we started looking at trills.  I love helping kids find a love for music!
The Finance secretary at our school who is like a second mom to me is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  She has mentioned wanting to try some chunky jewelry.  If you have seen my A Day in My Shoes Linky Party post, you will see that I have a thing for chunky jewelry.  This is a great store for fun, chunky jewelry that is not super expensive.  Of course, I also had to do a little clothes shopping as well!
After my lesson and mini shopping spree, was finally on my way home!  Hartford skyline...:)

I love coming home and being mauled by this little girl, my sweet (most of the time) Bella!  She loves her mommy, and misses me so much during the day that I can barely get into the house!  But it's great to be so loved!

I know you may be thinking this picture is in the wrong order, that it should have been first for  Every day after school, my afternoon snack is cereal!  I could truly eat it for every meal!
After being mauled loved on, and taking my girl out, we came in for a little snuggle time and reading....which actually ends up looking like this:

Ah yes, I try to be good, but this is what ends up happening after a long day of class hopping, flute teaching, and fun shopping!
Then, mom and I had yummy Bertucci's leftovers to look forward to for dinner!  She had the chicken parm, and I had the chicken piccata...YUM!!!  We also of course had the rolls with olive oil, and then yummy goat cheese and tomato...."stuff" with flatbread!  Oh so delicious!  That's my 12 on the 12th, hope you enjoyed.  Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to check out more of the fun! :)



Yay, I play the flute too!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Miss Jessie

I am currently reading that same book! I am about half way through, and it is a good one so far.


Hi Stacey,
You are invited to a linky party! When you think about your first year of teaching or when you switched grade levels, what do you wish you would have known before you began? Hop over to my blog and share your teaching tips!



Awesome, Jill!! How long have you been playing?


Yes, Jessie, I am about in the middle too, and am loving the book. I love Nicholas Sparks anyway! :) Thanks for stopping by!


Sounds great, Michelle! I will definitely be thinking of some tips to share! Great idea!! Thanks for the invite! :)

Doodle Bugs

Nicholas Sparks makes me cry EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

I enjoy cereal as an afterschool snack too.. and the occasional nap too!!!

Your school sounds like mine - small and Christian.

Thank you so much for joining the linky party :o)

Doodle Bugs Teaching
Doodle Bugs Paper


Oh, same here, I literally sob when I read his books! Cereal and naps are great ways to spend an afternoon! :) That is so cool, I thought I was the only one teaching from a small, Christian school. Thanks for having such a fun linky party! Really had lots of fun with it! :)


I started when I was in third grade!! So... 18ish years ago! :)


That's awesome, Jill! I started in 5th, and I'm apparently much older than you, haha! So, it's been... a bunch longer, lol. :)

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