Friday, March 9, 2012

Mouse Deer

My posts have been a day or so off lately, I feel like I keep saying, "Yesterday, we...".   Thankfully it's Friday and maybe I'll feel more caught up with the weekend being here.  Yesterday was quite an interesting day!  First thing in the morning one of my parent friends came to my room to ask me to come down to chapel.  The 10th grade Reader's Theater group that she has been working with was going to perform for the Elementary students.  A couple of months ago she had asked me to read the script and help her figure out which students would be good for which parts.  I hadn't had a chance to hear them practice at all, so I was looking forward to hearing them perform it. Their piece was "The Adventures of Mouse Deer".  They are tales of Indonesia and Malaysia.  I had never heard of it before reading through it, but it is an actual book...and.....apparently an actual animal as well.    

Well, these kids did an awesome job!!!  And their parts were so perfect for them!  They did two of the stories, "Mouse Deer and the Tiger" and "Mouse Deer and the Crocodile".  The guy who was Mouse Deer somehow made his voice sound as if he had sucked in helium, it was awesome!  He did such a great job, and the kids loved him.  The guy who played the tiger also played the crocodile, and had two different voices that he came up with for them, which worked out so nicely for each part.  There were 4 narrator parts and they all did such a great job with their parts, keeping the stories interesting and tons of fun.  Mouse Deer even has a song, "I'm quick and smart as I can be.  Try and try, but you can't catch me."  It was sung a few times throughout the piece.  The stories show how Mouse Deer uses his wit to outsmart the animals that want to eat him.  If you haven't read the stories, I highly recommend checking them out!  The kids really enjoyed hearing them!  The students got back in the classroom and started spouting off some of the lines, and then singing Mouse Deer's song!  Even today, my little girl started singing the song during class.  So, Mouse Deer made quite an impression.
Afterward they heard a 10th grade girl sing, then a boy preached.  For High School chapel the Reader's Theater performed again, another couple of people did speeches and then a small group sang.  They were all getting the last practice in before today, where they, along with many other singing, handbell, and speech groups from our school headed up to New Hampshire for a competition with several other schools.  I haven't heard results yet, but when I find out how they did, I will share!
Also, I'm so excited, Target had several Dr.Seuss books for sale, so...I had to get some!!  So glad to have them to add to our classroom!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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