Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oatmeal, Weawwy?!?!

Sorry, I just had to post this quickly, it was too cute!  Yesterday (there goes that word again, oh well) I had to sub for K-4 and K-5.  That always makes for an interesting day!  First thing when I walked into the room, one of the little girls welcomed me saying, "Come on in Mrs.Wo!" It was the sweetest thing, definitely put a smile on my face.  :D  We had lots of fun in the morning, then it was time for snack.  I hadn't been able to eat my breakfast earlier, so I figured I would eat it while they had their snack.  I brought in my coffee cup with oatmeal and my toast.  As I sat minding my own business... eating at the desk while they were eating at theirs, the same little girl came over to see what I was eating.  She saw the oatmeal packet sitting on the desk, looked at me and said, "Oatmeal, weawwy (really, just in case you didn't speak kinder:)?!"  That brought over a couple of the other girls over with,  "Oatmeal, Miss Monwoe, sewiously?!"...and "Whyyyy are you eating oatmeal out of a coffee cup??"  All I could do was crack up!  I never knew my eating choices, or style of eating could be that intriguing more like offensive to the standards of kindergarten girls!  Haha!  We enjoyed the rest of the time together, fun songs and lessons and stories, it was great!  But no, no, they haven't forgotten...first thing when they saw me this morning was asking me about my oatmeal. :)  I'm starting to feel I seriously need to reconsider my morning eating standards...hmmm. :)


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