Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Finally Here!!!

My spring break has officially started!!  I had planned much earlier than this to write a post about my excitement and to share a little about what we have been doing in Language class.  But things went a little differently lot differently than planned.  We only had a half day today, then it was time to finish grades and get our rooms ready for spring, and later on we had a meeting.  My third graders and I tried to focus and get things done, we played games to help out with the growing excitement and energy.  We got through the things we needed, until it came to Reading time.  We were going to be finishing one of our readers, and I was excited to finish reading the story with them.  They were excited to finish it as well.  We left off at an exciting point and they were ready to find out what happened.  I love reading the last stories in the readers with them, it's fun to see them get excited as we finish that book.  Just as we were getting ready to read, though, I got a phone call from Keep Me Home, which is the company that provides care for my mom three times a week.  They called to tell me she didn't answer the door when the companion came over.  They had called the house and didn't get an answer either.  Well, that changed the end of my day...the start of my spring break.  It came a bit sooner than I expected, but definitely not the way I would have liked.  I didn't want to alarm the kids, though I was quite nervous.  I just told them they could go back to their room to finish reading and I wished them a great spring break week.  I let the secretary know I was leaving and why, and headed home.  It seemed to take forever!  I got home and saw mom, she was OK, sitting on the edge of her bed.  The thing is she was in the same spot this morning when I left her about 7:15.  It was now after 11.  She said she was hurting all over, so she couldn't  move.  I helped her get up and to the bathroom, changed her bed, helped her get to the living room where she wanted to sit for a while.  I was just so thankful she was OK.  Some of the thoughts that were going through my mind weren't pretty.  She is still hurting and not feeling great, but she has been getting around a little better tonight.  So after a busy day with her and some house things, I am finally ready for bed, and for my spring break.  Looking forward to a good, restful week!!  So glad it's finally here!



I'm glad to hear that that she is doing ok.

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Have a wonderful spring break - use it to rejuvenate!!! :)

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Thanks so much, Amber! So am I! It was a little nervewracking for a bit.


Thank you, Holly!! That's just what I plan to do...well that and blog stalk! :)

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