Saturday, April 28, 2012

And Here They Are!

The kids were so excited when they walked into the classroom to see the updated versions of Action Adam and Being Ben!  That always makes me more excited!!  So without further ado here they are:

Here we have Being Ben on the right, now with arms to go with his body.  His smart look compliments his character of just being Ben, we'll take a close up of Being Ben in a little bit.  But now on your left you have the updated Action Adam.  If you look closely you'll see that he now has a nice little off to the side swept hairstyle which gives him a fun, youthful appearance.  His "do" says he's ready for any adventure.  You will also notice that he is styling an "A" on his outfit to show that he is Adam the man of Action.  This is a nice match to his cape.  Then we can't leave out his most interesting new feature....the Verbinator!  This is a very important, cool part to his costume that he must not be without.  This is the magic that helps him to be able to capture all of those action verbs!  He is ready to go out and conquer those verbs!  Both looks are great and work well for these characters to do their jobs of finding action or being verbs.  These are the must have looks for the verb season!
Just wanted to get a couple of closeups of Being Ben in his great-looking plaid shirt, don't miss his pocket design with the pencil, pen, and calculator.  Yes, those are all hand drawn lines on his shirt!  With this look he is ready to be all he needs to be!



Love this! :-)

- Elizabeth


Thank you so much, Elizabeth!! :)

Mrs. Tolbert

Being Ben looks great! You were a winner on my blog, but you forgot to leave your email so that I can send you the Some Pack! Writing and Literacy Activities. :)
Daisy Days for Learning


Aww, thank you! Yay!!! I am so excited, the pack looks awesome! Heading over now! :)

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