Monday, May 14, 2012

12 on the 12th Linky Party for May and Voting Starts

I get so excited to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her 12 on the 12th Linky party!!  I think it helps the months go by faster and easier, because I'm always looking forward to the 12th!  So, even though it was a Saturday, I still found things to take pictures of.

Yes, you are seeing correctly, even though it was Saturday I had to get up early, by the way, this is actually a half an hour fast.  So it was actually about 5:45, don't ask me why I do that, because I'm not exactly sure, hee hee.  I had to get up to get to the school to monitor an SAT Prep class for some 11th graders from 9 to 1.  Oh the joy! :)
This is what I needed to help get me through.  Hazlenut coffee light and sweet, with a Big and Toasted sandwich!
While I monitor, I usually read, do some things on the computer, or grade papers.  This is what I found on my little boys paper.  He's got a funny, quirky personality!  Not sure if you can see exactly what he did, but the sentence says: That store sells shoes, socks, and hats for children.  He changed it to: That store sells shoes, socks, and hats, for and children.  Hahaha!!

After monitoring, I went over to the Nail Studio to get my nails done.  The last time I had them done was before Easter and some were starting to lift, so needed this little trip!

Here they are!  Just wanted to do something a little fun and different this time! :)

I had to stop off at Michael's Arts and Crafts store to get some flowers for my vendor table for the Fashion Show/Fundraiser on Saturday.  I'm so excited to share It Works! with people! :)

I couldn't get mom to come get her nails done with me, but was able to get her out for a drive when I told her I was going to get something to eat.  Taco Bell was calling my name.  And coming up is the reason why....

I had to try this Dorito Taco!  Yummy!!

Before we went home I had to stop off to pick up Milk and Half and Half from Fast Freddies.  ( I won't mention that when I got home I totally forgot them in the car........allllll night!!! Ugh!)

Proof that mom was with me! :)  Getting some fresh air and sunshine.

And this is how we're greeted at the door, can barely get in....but look at that face! :)

Yummy treat that mom got from her sister for Mother's Day!  I LOVE Edible Arrangements! 
It was a great, busy, crazy, beautiful day!  
I was also shocked and excited to be nominated for the 2012 Fascination Award!  I totally don't feel worthy of this award, there are so many amazing blogs out there!  It's such an honor, and after this crazy year, it means so much for my little blog to be recognized for a post.  So, if you don't mind and would be so kind, I would love to have you click on the link on the top left hand side of my blog and find my blog name  3rd Grade Times is in one of the 1:25 pm spots if that makes it easier to find me.  I know there are many wonderful blogs to choose from, but would love if someone would show me a little love. :)  Thank you all for being such a blessing and inspiration to me.  I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful world of teacher blogs!  You all have made such a difference in my teaching this year!  And I will be forever grateful!  


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I follow your blog and like what I see. If you are interested in claiming the less prestigious "One Lovely Blog Award" go to my blog and follow the simple rules.


Thank you so much for the award!! I really appreciate it!

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