Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Action ???Man and Being Ben

I still don't have a clever name for Action???Man. :(  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!  I introduced Being Ben today, my kids saw him next to Action???Man and knew he was Being something.  They were calling him Being Boy or Being Man, I liked Being Boy, but I think I'll stick with Being Ben.  I had words all around the room....but not just action and being verbs, I also had other random words.  I don't watch Price is Right much anymore, but I started thinking of the game where contestants had a certain amount of time to change the prices to the correct spots.  With a little change on that idea, I gave the students one minute, they could only get one word at a time and bring it to put under the correct character.  Then I had a spot marked "Other" where they would put the words that were not verbs.  I had them go one at a time to see who would get the most words on the board, but also who got the most correct.  We did a couple of rounds and they enjoyed it!  Both got most of the words correct with just a couple incorrect, which gave a great opportunity to talk about those words and what they were.
I made up lots of words, so I will choose some different ones for tomorrow,and we'll have some fun again!  It was great to get them moving and motivated first thing in the morning!
I decided to start making some bodies for the guys since they were a bit creepy as just heads.  I still have to finish, but I like how things turned out so far.
Looking forward to more fun with them tomorrow.  Just still hoping for some inspiration for Action???Man.



So cute! Action Adam? Or if you wanted to change the action part (I'd keep it to help them remember), Adventurous _________.


Aww, thanks, Melissa!! I like both of your ideas! Thank you so much!! I got one other idea yesterday, maybe I'll share them with the kids and see which one they choose. :) I thought the same thing about keeping the action part to help them remember the difference. I'll see what they think. Thanks again! :)

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