Wednesday, April 18, 2012

12 on the 12th!

I'm finally linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her 12 on the 12th Linky Party!  I really love this party, and couldn't wait to wake up and start taking pictures of my day.  Then sadly there were a few things going on where I didn't get the chance to post until now.  So here it is!

I saw the beautiful red balloons on the front page of the paper, then read to see that it was a picture of the balloons the community sent off to remember sweet, little 6 year old Jeffrey Bourgeois.
The sweet note I found on my board after our restroom break, from my boy!  Awww!  What a surprise!
My super yummy lunch...shrimp salad!!  Mmmm....mmmm....good!
One of my other responsibilities this year, since it's a weird, crazy year for me....I help out the financial secretary a couple of days a week.
Another one of my responsibilities this year...directing the 5th and 6th grade handbell group.  I'll let you in on a fun secret if you promise not to tell. :-)  I have only told a couple of teachers, I'm not even telling the music director!  Feel special you're getting the inside scoop. :) The spring concert is coming up next month, we are going to be playing the William Tell Overture.
Of course they won't be able to play it super fast or anything, they're only 5th and 6th grade, but they have gotten it to a decent speed that we are all pretty proud of.  One boy suggested that at the concert I have them play it slowly first and then fast.  I told him that it's not really meant to be played slowly, but then that gave me an idea! (That's rare, I don't get those too often!)  I shared it with them and they are so excited.  So...for the concert they are going to go start playing the piece, I'm going to direct it a little slower than we know how to play it.  They are going to start with me, and then we have choreographed it so that some students start playing faster and some slow down.  Then they are going to start looking at each other and then me, to see what to do.  I'm going to keep directing them and "try" to get them with me, but at one point I'll stop them, apologize to the audience, then ask the kids what is wrong.  I'll say something about not knowing what is wrong, and why they are playing that way because they know the piece they have played it really well before.  Then........!!!! I am going to say, I know what the problem is....and I'm going to pass black masks to them to put know, so they look like the Lone Ranger!! Then, we'll play it the right way (hopefully, lol), at that decent pace.  Doesn't that sound fun?!?  I'm so excited about it!  But remember, don't tell! Hee hee!
Taking our kids out after school to go to their rides, we get to see this beautiful tree!  This is my favorite tree to take pictures of each spring!
This is what the sky looked like when I pulled into my driveway.  It was a perfect example of what I drove home in.  It was raining on one side of the highway and in some spots and sunny on the other side.
I reluctantly had to sub for 6th grade the next day, so I had to bring the Language book home to study to make sure I knew what I was teaching.  (Then I won't share the fact that I left the book at home!!! Ugh!)
I had to add this, because I got home and mom was sitting in the living room, as she usually is.  At some point she wanted to get up and told me she didn't know where her cane was.  So, instead of relaxing and reading, I got up to look for her cane.  I looked in her room, under the bed, in the living room a couple of places, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, I even looked on the porch.  All places that she would go and would make sense for me to look....the porch because she takes our pup Bella out, so she could possibly have left it out there.  But when I ran out of all the practical places two or three times, I finally looked in the front hall closet, where the coats are, and look what I found!  She usually has her coat on the back of a chair in her room, so normally would not have thought to look there, thankfully I did!
I got a text earlier that my ballroom class was cancelled for the night :-(, that was disappointing, but... I decided to still....Just Dance on my Wii.
Relaxing with computer and TV time...LOVE The Office!!  Love how after many tries to get a good pic I caught a classic Dwight face! Haha!
I had to get my catalogs ready for my big wrap party Friday night!  I love It Works!!!  Detox, tone, and tighten in a healthy way, and many times lose inches as well!  I was so excited for my first party!  (** It went well, by the way, there were about 10 ladies that wrapped and all lost some inches, from 1 to 4 inches!  Fun stuff!)
I have seen a couple of the link ups, but look forward to checking out the rest of them!  I love seeing everyone's pictures!  I'm so glad to finally be linking up!



Funny and crazy day when you look back at it:)
I enjoying reading it.Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy Teaching English


Haha, so true, Lusine! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it! :)

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