Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giveaways Galore and Currently

There is lots of happy giving going on in teacher blog land.  And for all the ones I have joined in on, I'm almost positive that sadly there are probably others I am missing.  All this happy giving has made me want to have a giveaway, too!  I planned to have one when I reached 50 followers.  Then I joined a couple of linky parties and next thing I knew I had 72 followers, and wasn't sure if it would still be OK.  Of course giveaways are probably always OK. :)  So, stay tuned, I will probably be joining in all this happy giving.  I already have a gift card that my little boy will be getting because he won March Madness in our classroom!  After a great spring break, and fun crafts that I did, and great books that I read, and wonderful shopping that I enjoyed, why not carry it over with a giveaway?!
Anyway, here are the ones that I am participating in right now.  I am joining up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade with her April Currently.  These are always so much fun!  If you haven't read hers yet, you need to!!  Talk about laughing out loud, I totally did at her post, especially her Super Power, hee hee!  Plus she has the cutest picture of her little Target shopping buddy!  On top of that she is also giving away a cute nautical theme thermal tote!  Go check it out.
Also, Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts  is having a 50 follower giveaway!  She has well over 50 followers now following her super cute blog!  She is giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card!  Umm....yes, please!  Love some Starbucks goodness.  Go check out her blog and leave a comment about your favorite Starbucks drink.
Then, Amy from The Resource(ful) Room has lots of great things to celebrate this week and is having an amazing giveaway!  Wait for it...she is giving away a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!  Yes, you read that right!  Go check out her great, helpful blog to see all about this great giveaway, as well as the many great reasons that she is celebrating!
Last, but definitely not least, Jenn, at Finally in First is having an amazing 5days=5 giveaways!!  Each day of her spring break this week she is giving away some awesome prizes!  She has some wonderfully helpful posts and is great in sharing her wisdom with newer bloggers.  You will definitely want to head over there and check out her great blog and amazing giveaways!  Phew, those are the ones that I have entered. Hope you'll get in on some of these great giveaways, too!
And now for my Currently:

I struggled for a bit with my super power...I don't think anyone can beat Farley's awesome one!!  But I chose Pin Power because as many of us are, I am a Pinterest addict.  So, I thought, how great would it be to pin something and then have it appear.  Pin that cute outfit...and there it is, in your size and everything.  Pin that great recipe...and dinner or dessert or snacks are done!  That would be so nice!  Pin that makeup look before you go out...and you're looking pretty great!  Pin that awesome reading, math, language, etc. idea...and there you have it ready to go at a moment's notice.  Pin those to-die-for shoes...and you've got a great pair of perfect fitting shoes.  Pin that butt or ab exercise...and it does just what it says and you are looking mighty fine!  Then it will be OK to pin those delicious looking cupcakes, because later you can just pin the exercises again and BOOM, that slamming body is back.  And those Ryan Gosling or Tim Tebow Hey Girls....and {sigh}, there they are encouraging you and helping you out!!  :-D  Yea.....I'd like that!

**Update:  Oops, the giveaway for 3rd Grade Thoughts is already over, earlier tonight, but still go by and check out her cute blog!


Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! I had to make the end-date tonight since we go back to school tomorrow after Spring Break- I was convinced I'd use it if I didn't give it away ;) Can't have Starbucks GC just lying around, ya know?

And ohmagoodness, I LOVE your super power! lol, what a great idea!! That could actually help justify the amount of time I spend pinning :)

3rd Grade Thoughts

Emmy de Greslan

How funny was Farley's super power. I love the way she thinks.

You've got a great super power too. "Pin Power" ahhaha. Very cool idea :)
Daydreams of a Student Teacher


Hahaha, Stephanie!! I hear ya, kudos to you for being able to hold on to it for that long! Not sure I could have, lol. Ha yes I think this super power would really help justify the hours of pinning I do. :) Hope you had a great day!


I know, Emmy, she had me cracking up!! Thanks! It took me a bit to figure one out, lol.


Oh girl! I adore your super power! I'm all about pinning me some Tebow to sit beside me on my couch and encourage away. =)

Glad you found my blog!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 


Oooh, I never thought of Pin Power. I think that's awesome :))

Grade ONEderful


Love your blog and I love pinterest! Your newest follower:


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I love your blog and have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award. Come by my blog to see your award. :)

First Class Teacher


uhm. YES I would love to have pin power!! :) I would love to own everything in pinterest closet, house, and classroom :D haha. I'm your newest follower and also a third grade teacher!!
Teaching in Paradise


Hahaha, Emily,thanks!!! Yes, and you have the right idea! :) I'm glad I found your blog, too!


Hee hee, thanks, Barbara! :)


Aww, thanks, Jessica! I love your blog, too, so cute!! :) Thanks for following! I'm following your blog, too. I'm excited to check out more! :)


Thank you so much, Pamela!! That is so kind of you! Your blog is adorable! :)


Hahaha, yes, Courtney! Exactly how I feel! Cool, that's awesome that you teach third as well. Looking forward to checking out more on your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower!! :)


Thanks for following me! Your blog is so cute!


You're welcome, Melissa! And thank you!! :)

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