Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love New Ideas!

Big thank you to Laurie from Chickadee Jubilee and Melissa from The Dalton Gang for suggesting names for my Action???Man!  Today I gave my kids the name ideas and had them choose the one they wanted to name Action???Man.  They liked the name Action Adam.  I liked all the ideas these ladies gave me...Verbinator, Action Adam, or Adventurous___________!  Since I didn't want to see the other great ideas die away, I think I figured a way I can incorporate them into this whole verb plan.  One of my kids said Verbinator sounded like a machine.  So the idea came to fun would it be for Action Adam to use a Verbinator to travel around sucking up or collecting action verbs?!?!?  Then, after Action Adam flies around and collects action verbs, my kids can write "adventurous" tales about all the amazing adventures Action Adam had!  Thank you ladies for being an inspiration in my quest to make teaching verbs even more fun for my students!!
I have been teaching my kids songs from a play we used to put on years ago called The Case of the Missing Parts of Speech.  It is such a great play, and the kids learn so much about the parts of speech from it!!  I still use some of the songs to help my students.  I taught them the two noun ones and the verb song.  The kids love singing the songs!  My little girl said she was singing the verb one in the car on the way home and her older sisters were begging her to stop! Haha!  We just learned it so she doesn't even know it that well, so I can only imagine on their 45 minute car ride what that must have been like, lol.  The other thing that made me laugh today was when I was quizzing the students on their knowledge of subjects and verbs and diagramming them.  As I was at the front of the room I complimented them that they were diagramming the correct way that I had taught them.  They were shocked and wondering how I saw them doing it correctly.  My little boy said I'm freaky like that! Haha.  They said a couple of days ago I was talking to a High School student who had come in, and as I was looking at and talking to the High School student, I quickly turned to my little boy and told him he was not doing his Math problem correctly, then finished my sentence with the High School student.  They said I have freaky eyes that can do that, lol.  I love that!  I also had a funny experience at recess this week or last.  I was watching the kids on the playground and a little 1st grade boy who I know well, not just from school, but also from my Sunday School class, and our Pee Wee class on Sunday night, he was walking past slowly and looking at me a little funny.  I didn't even notice him at first, but when I did, I played it cool and said, "Are you supposed to be doing what you are doing?"  He said, "No, I'm sorry Miss Monroe!"  I said, "OK, just choose to do right, you know better."  He said, "Yes, ma'am."  After he left I cracked up laughing with his teacher who was out with me....I told her I had no idea what he had done, the only thing I knew is he looked guilty!  I love that, too! :)



Glad your cute man has a name now :)


Fun in Room 4B


Haha, thanks, Elizabeth, me too!! :) I have a couple more updated pictures that I'll post soon. :)

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