Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day in Pictures (late I know...:) and My New Shop!

Here are some pictures from Valentine's Day!

Valentine wreath I made for our teacher's room.

Creating her Valentine's for others

Some of her finished work

Starting his Valentine's

Some of his finished work

How cute is this hot dog with cheese??  It wasn't from my room sadly.  This was from the fifth grade classroom.

My carnations from several wonderful former students and friends!  The Seniors sell carnations, chocolate, and balloons as a fundraiser.  One sweet family bought every student in the school who wasn't already getting something a carnation!  Very sweet day!

Talk about sweet!  One of the parents made these amazing chocolate yummies for a party and I was privileged to get one!

It was a very nice day!  We even tried a new game that came to mind to help with multiplication facts.  With 
just two students, some of the fun review activities that I love to do with other classes to review multiplication and division is a bit harder.  This game has become a favorite in the classroom.  So...I have put the game on my new 3rd Grade Times Teacher's Notebook Shop!  I am so excited!  Please stop by to check it out, I would appreciate it!  Hopefully I did it correctly, this is so new for me, so I never quite sure about myself.  We'll see!  As I have said before, all of you amazing teachers have inspired me so much!  I hope to be able to create some fun things for my students and to share them with you!  I'm slowly learning! :) Thank you all for your encouragement and for the inspiration that you have been to me these past couple of months!


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