Friday, February 10, 2012

No School - Sick Day! ...and Currently

It was definitely a nice day to get a little extra rest!  Then after breakfast mom and I headed over to the mall to get our nails done, they came out great!  We did a quick run by Sonic before heading back home.  Oh, wait, some of your eyes are bugging out and some of you just spit out your soda or water or whatever onto your computers.  Did I forget to mention that it wasn't a sick day for me.  It was actually a sick day for our whole school!  Yea, pretty sad, huh?  Many students from K4-12 grade have been sick the past couple of weeks.  We have been dealing with Fifths Disease, the flu, and strep!  This week the classes kept diminishing in size.  By yesterday many classes were about half the size, if not worse.  K4-K5 only had 3 students, 4th grade only had 2, I only had one of my 3rd graders, 5th grade only had 4, and many Jr. High and High School students were out.  I heard there were about 15 Jr. High students out, and the only High School class I heard about was the Junior class which normally has 14, but only had 7 yesterday.  Yes, we needed to try to get these germs out of our school.  So, today we have the day off as the school gets aired out.  We did a thorough cleaning of our own classrooms yesterday.  Have any of you had a lot of sick kids these past couple of weeks?  Are we the only one?  Hopefully things will be back to normal for next week.
Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade is having her Currently February linky party and I decided to link up for the fun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Lisa Howard

Thanks for following me, thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy birthday!! Your blog is soooo pretty!
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You're welcome! I am excited to start stalking your blog, lol. Thank you for following me!! Thanks for the birthday wish, truly has been a full week of birthday wishes and fun! Thanks so much, Lisa!

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