Saturday, February 25, 2012

Could I Possibly Be More Excited?!?!

Yes, there is one excited teacher here!!  First, I'm so very excited because Amber from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher had a giveaway...and I was a winner!!!  Yay!  I get to choose three things from her TpT store!  I am so excited, she has some really great things in her store, you definitely need to go check it out here!  I already know what I want, so glad to win this great giveaway!
Speaking of winning, I was excited last night because I had the privilege of watching both our girl's and boy's varsity basketball teams win the state championships!!!  Yay, Falcons!  The games were such great fun to watch!  I wore myself out wildly screaming calmly and maturely cheering for them!

I am so proud of them!! :)
And speaking of the championship games, we had exciting times leading up to those games by enjoying Spirit Week this week!  Always makes for quite the interesting week!  We had Disney day, Crazy Hair day, Spy day, and School Color day.  We had lots of interesting looks this week!  It was pretty crazy, especially crazy hair day! :)  Here are just a few of the pictures.
Tinker Bell (top), and King (I'm not sure who) on Disney Day

Third grade spies

Yes, I love to join in the fun!  You probably think this picture was taken with my phone, but, maybe...just maybe, it was taken with my secret spy camera ring!  Hmm.... :)

Senior spies judging for best spy look.

Sorry it's a bit blurry, was taken by one of the second graders.  My friend, the 1st and 2nd grade teacher.

One of the Jr. High boys, who looked like our music director, made me laugh so hard!!

The two of them together! Haha!

Jr. High girl 
So much crazy fun!
And speaking of crazy, I am so super excited because it is almost that time of year... my favorite time besides Christmas!  No, it's not spring, sorry, I'm much more of a winter girl myself.  Hey, stop throwing things at the computer and glaring at me!  I can't feel them or see the looks anyway...well, I kinda felt a couple of those glares.  I can't help it though, I do love winter and snow.  But...since winter has been a bust, I am even more excited for March.  We get spring break in March, but that's not why I'm super excited.  I'm super excited for March because that means..........March Madness!!!!!  I love March Madness!!  I love it so much I have even incorporated some things into the classroom because of that love!  I'll share some of those things later!  So, yes, super excited over here!  Now, I need to get my excited self off to bed, all of this excitement is making me tired, plus my dog is sneezing at me, trying to give me the hint she is ready to go out and then get to bed.  So, goodnight!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Mary Bauer

What a fun school you work at!


We do have lots of fun!! I love it! :)

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